1. My friends call me “Salvo.”
  2. I was born and raised in Hamilton.
  3. I graduated from Western University with a BSc in Mathematics & Statistics.
  4. I’m an adventurous thrill seeker who prefers mountains over beaches.
  5. I love snowboarding steeps, back country terrain and getting inverted.
  6. I ride a motorcycle to “turn off,” the louder the better.
  7. I’m a foodie who’s passionate about cooking.
  8. I have a dream to own and operate a small restaurant.
  9. I’m happiest spending time with family and friends.
  10. I’ll party with anyone who’s up for a good time…no reason required.
  11. I’m obsessed with solving problems.
  12. I have an appreciation for great design.
  13. Technology excites me.
  14. I choose quality over quantity.
  15. I love learning new things.
  16. I enjoy teaching and mentoring people.
  17. I find satisfaction in helping and doing things for others.
  18. My most trusted advisor is my gut.
  19. My word is my bond and believe loyalty is one of my greatest qualities.
  20. I’m a crier.


Board of Directors, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Active member, Hamilton-Niagara TEC Canada group