1. I have many nicknames within various social circles outside of work. No, I will not discuss or disclose what those nicknames are. For better or worse, I'm simply a "nickname guy."
  2. I own a 1965 Buick Riviera. It's a lowrider that has been featured by Lowrider Magazine.
  3. I equally like and hate all types of music. For instance, I like ska but hate the band Sublime.
  4. I spent a year in Mexico working in hotels and taking tourists to bars. I was asked to leave the country shortly after my visa expired.
  5. I often use metaphors to communicate.
  6. I like to tinker with emerging technology (hardware and software).
  7. I'm always in the process of making a techno album.
  8. I openly weep at Disney movies.
  9. Javascript is currently my favourite programming language. 
  10. Great design excites me.
  11. I'm currently finding it hard to share a past experience that is appropriate for the workplace.
  12. I can often be overly empathetic.
  13. I met my wife at a drum and bass rave.
  14. I used to hitchhike.
  15. I'm probably addicted to tattoos.
  16. The worst job I ever had was making powdered cheese in a factory in Brampton. I wish that was a joke.
  17. I enjoy doodling and drawing and for a short time I was into tagging/graffiti.
  18. Pineapple should be enjoyed on pizza.
  19. Burger King is better than McDonalds.
  20. I really hate Sublime.



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