1. I’d rather eat a bowl of spiderwebs than talk about myself.
  2. I read 52 books in 2018. (Yes, a book a week.)
  3. I can identify a wine's origin by taste and smell alone.
  4. I immigrated to Canada at the age of 6.
  5. I’ve played rugby since I was 15.
  6. Despite playing a full-contact sport for almost 15 years, I have yet to break a bone (though I’ve had plenty of sprains, bumps, bruises, and a dislocated shoulder).
  7. I play a mean trombone. 
  8. I play a less mean trumpet, baritone, tuba...if it’s got brass, I can play it.
  9. I’m a pretty awesome Dungeon Master.
  10. I’ve been an Anglophile since high school and firmly believe that British television is, in every case, better than American television.
  11.  I was named after a Rolling Stone.
  12.  I’m the oldest of 5 children.
  13.  Winnipeg is my second home.
  14.  I love to share my passion for marketing, and always appreciate the opportunity to nerd-out about CRO strategy. 
  15.  I love to cook and try new foods (though “recipe” is a foreign word to me).
  16.  In university I had to steal my own car after it was first stolen from me.
  17.  My favourite author is Marshall McLuhan. (I named a cat after him.)
  18.  I was a one-time American Crew hair model.
  19.  I won a city film festival in high school.
  20.  While studying fire protection in Toronto, a chance encounter in an American Apparel completely changed my life and career path.



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