1. I am deathly afraid of heights and it’s getting worse the older I get.
  2. Golf is my favourite sport.
  3. Dream job would be a marine biologist.
  4. PEI is my favourite family vacation spot.
  5. Xbox over Playstation.
  6. Tombstone is my favourite movie of all time.
  7. Outlook over Gmail any day.
  8. Born in Windsor, Ontario.
  9. Listen to classical music when I really need to concentrate (and tune Richard out!).
  10. Guilty pleasure is reading Janet Evanovich books.
  11. I am completely fascinated with sharks. Love reading about them and watching videos—anything to do with sharks!
  12. My son and I have a plan to go on a trip when he turns 16 to go diving with Great White sharks (in cages). My high school friend runs a dive company.
  13. Jumped off a school bus on the last day of school in Grade 6 and broke my wrist—put a major damper on that summer (though I learned to play tennis left handed).
  14. I have no idea how to play 99.9% of card games.
  15. Met my wife at work.
  16. I am a shy person when in large groups of people I don’t know.
  17. Love horror movies, despite hating to be scared.
  18. Consider my parents to be among my best friends.
  19. Pizza is my favourite food.
  20. I hate talking about myself…



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